It works for you whatever is the size of your business

Are you considering different solutions? Are you confused about which one is the most suitable to your needs? It is designed and developed to meet the widest needs.

Even the International Space Station could use Kross Booking.

Bed And Breakfasts


Let's find out together if we have found what you need

Kross is perfect for Bed and Breakfasts. With a single tool you can manage reservations directly from your website (through the booking engine) and keep the portals always updated (through the channel manager).

With the APP available on your mobile phone, you have control of your B&B even when you are away from your pc, and anything will be notified on your phone in real time. So you can enjoy your free time.

Do not worry any more about sending the guests datas' files to allogiatiweb. Kross will take care of it! You will have more time to dedicate to the B&B management and marketing.

Maximize profits with direct reservations on your Booking Engine. Offer the same online services that the main OTAs provide (including online modification and cancellation) and you save on brokerage fees (unfortunately too high).

The use of Kross is simple, fast and also fun. Unleash your creativity in marketing. You can offer promotional packages or discount codes.

Managing a Bed and Breakfast is complex and we are aware that due to OTA commissions, credit card commissions and various expenses, profit margins are often reduced to the minimum. That is why you should suggest long stays, by selling directly and improving your cash flow with immediate PayPal payment. Offer additional online services to your customers (e.g. online check-in).

Kross Booking offers all this for only 5€/month per room. You can choose the monthly payment option with no contractual obligations.

Apartaments and Holiday Homes


We have solved many of your problems. Wanna bet?

The main problem of those who manage holiday homes and apartments on is that they appear as different properties. Most of the management softwares with channel managers allow the connection of the well-known "Booking ID" to one property and, although they support the multi property, you often have to jump from one planner to another without having the general situation under control.

With Kross you can connect the BOOKING ID to a specific type of room or to a group of rooms.

What is the result? You will have a single software with all the connected properties, as if they were "different room types".

If you are managing apartments, you can see what a big advantage we are talking about. You will be able to manage everything through the APPs, including issuing receipts and invoices. You can check in through the APP upon delivery of the keys and send the invoice via email in real time. And if you want to print the receipt, just connect a wifi printer.

Do you need other automatisms? No problem, just ask! Our development team is always ready to integrate new functionalities upon specific request.

You can also ask us to develop a small portal for all your apartments (or groups of apartments).

Seasonal Hotels


Maximized occupancy with maximized profits and satisfied customers

Achieving the highest performance in the main season is the primary goal. Kross Booking allows you to manage discount codes, offers, packages and additional services when booking directly on your website. As a result, you can be more competitive, you can sell additional services by offering customer service, and create specific packages (even to expire) to maximize occupancy!

Plan special packages for families with special child management.

With our Booking Engine you can request deposits when making a direct reservation!!

With the CRM you can make quotes quickly, manage your options and make down payments and deposits directly by Credit Card.

With the Rate Competitors and the Channel Manager you can check in real time what are the actions of your competitors and update the rates accordingly on the portals, because we all know that the market is unpredictable.

Plan a preventive campaign with discount codes and make sure that you encourage customers to book in advance.

Manage your Groups easily! Different arrivals and departures, room or guest charges. Groups are no longer a problem.

Your hotel is located by the sea and you have a beach club? With Kross you can manage the assignment of umbrellas/beach chairs (or similar spaces) and manage the sale to privates, memberships, locker rooms, etc., so that you always have the situation under control and occupy as much as possible!

Mountain Hotel


Let's find out together if we have found what you need!

In Italy, mountain tourism requires special attention. It basically works the whole year with attractions that vary according to the seasons.

Frequently the same hotels offer several additional services, such as catering, SPA, excursions, offers on Skipass and agreements with local authorities.

With the Booking Engine of Kross, you can show all this on your website making it bookable in advance and with possible discounts. When searching for the accommodation online for his/her vacations, the user will be encouraged to book directly on your website because of the many possibilities that the hotel offers. Especially given the absence of historical centers, managing their time is fundamental for the customers.

The Restaurant Module (coming soon) allows guests to be encouraged to eat at the hotel after an exhausting day of physical activity.Kross is easy to use and if you move away from the hotel for a while, you can take it with you through the APP with which you can communicate directly with guests through email, sms, whatsapp so as to be for them "always there" even if not physically.

Family-run Hotels


Let's find out if we have found what you need!

The family management of a hotel is one of the most popular management methods in Italy, either because of inadequate bureaucratic regulations or because, although it is commonly thought that hospitality is a very profitable business, the truth is that this does not always happen because of the high costs.

Let us imagine that in this kind of hotels it is necessary to have a very simple and intuitive tool, which allows even the less young and unfamiliar with technology to use it without problems, but at the same time has the chance for younger people to take advantage of the most advanced functions, particularly in the business area, such as rate planning and management of promotions on the booking engine.

With the automatic sending of files of guests data (there is no more need to connect to the AllogiatiWeb portal because Kross does it for you), you respect the rules and limit errors. The ISTAT report generation is another feature that simplifies the daily management, like the integrated channel manager that keeps all availability updated without overbooking and connections to the various sales portals.

Kross includes these elements because it is developed in such a way to be easy to use by all users, more or less experienced, but at the same time it also contains the functionalities of the most complex management systems.

Moreover, not to be underestimated is the economic impact of Kross: with a single system that contains PMS, Channel Manager and Booking Engine you have a single supplier with a unique technical support and certainly the savings are guaranteed.

Business Hotel


Time is money: for your customers especially

Are your customers professionals and stay overnight for a few days? Time is everything for business travelers.

With the online check-in service your customers can save valuable time at the reception.

They will be pleased to arrive and take their room right away.

Is your hotel in the city center? Manage the parking spaces (which are probably less than the number of rooms available) and sell them immediately online, if you pay for them. The customer will be happy to arrive at the hotel, park and go up to the room, without surprises such as "excuse us, the parking spaces are all occupied", and therefore you can organize in advance.

You can also manage the meeting rooms, including the offering process and the related services (audio/video, coffee breaks and business lunches).

Do you have a shuttle and provide the transfer service?

Sell it on your booking engine and organize it with the Kross Transfer management system. The customer will be very satisfied with it.

Tight schedule? A self check-out totem avoids queues at the reception and allows the guest to sleep an extra 15 minutes.

For business travelers, 15 minutes can be really precious.

Luxury Hotel


Let's find out together if we have understood what you need!

Kross offers a wide variety of services, features and plug-ins to allow "Luxury" hotels to analyze customers behavior and anticipate their desires. In view of a Luxury service, we provide "digital signage" modules that, through facial recognition functions, identify "VIP customers" and propose targeted messages / offers on video devices.

Kross allows you to store the characteristics of the rooms for regular guests: you can prioritize the assignment of one room over another on the basis of the history that the customer has at the property.

You can also save your breakfast preferences (e.g. cappuccino instead of American coffee), recommend the right wine for dinner or the fish of the day and make the customer's stay more pleasant while increasing sales.

The scheduling of sending communications via email or sms will prepare the user for his exclusive stay, informing him/her of a series of opportunities to take advantage of at the hotel.

The housekeeping service allows you to plan the laundry changes several times in the same day in order to give the guest a fresh and scented linen as well as a mini-bar always full.

With the VIP Club of the Booking Engine, you allow regular users to see offers dedicated to them on your website, because customer loyalty is very important, and we know it well.

Big Hotels and Chains


The Successful Partner for the complete hospitality management

Kross is an end-to-end system, i.e. it is a single complete code that does not rely on external codes or software.

What is the result? You can achieve everything you want, without limits.

In addition to the classic PMS functions, you can integrate Kross with the main management softwares such as Zucchetti, Team System, SAP Business ONE and Microsoft Dynamics.

Plan your staff shifts, distribute payroll and CUD in the intranet and ask for vacations and permits directly online, with consequent approval.

You can create an unlimited number of user profiles in order to assign the right privileges to each person and block them in case of interruption of the relationship. And if you hire a new employee or acquire a new property, thanks to Kross online tutorials and simplicity, the staff training will take a very limited amount of time.

Kross is also available in English: perfect if you have an international team.

Kross is also on-premises: it can be installed in the data center of the hotel chain or group and it integrates perfectly with the main client hardware.

Reports and statistics are customizable according to management requirements.

If you need integration with room-control hardware, multimedia content distribution (smart tv) and captive portal for wi-fi access, no problem. Many of these solutions can be provided directly by Solutions Plus, the same company that developed Kross.

Do you need the Booking Engine?

We realize it on your instructions and according to your procedures and booking flows, fully integrated with your website and in white label!