PMS + Channel Manager + Booking Engine in one single solution

Find out all the functionalities included in Kross Booking all-in-one software, for the professional management of properties.

Kross Booking PMS


Plenty of functionalities for everyday management of an hospitality business

Our PMS facilitates the management of properties: hotels, bed and breakfasts or whatever is the type of your accommodation. The PMS completely replaces the old paper management which is now obsolete, wasteful and inefficient. With Kross Booking PMS, human error is nearly eliminated. An indispensable tool for the efficient and profitable management of your hospitality accommodation. With Kross Booking, you always have a real-time control over the availability of your rooms.

In addition, our PMS allows you to easily manage all the main administrative tasks, such as issuing the Prime Entry, issuing and printing receipts or invoices, including the automatic sending via email.

The Kross Booking Channel Manager


With real-time automatic update of the availability, you can avoid unpleasant overbooking

Through our Channel Manager you can easily manage all online travel agencies (OTA, Direct Reservations). The PMS on cloud allows you to access them wherever you are and through any device with an internet connection. The safest and fastest solution to check prices and availability of your properties.

The Booking Engine in Kross Booking


100% customized, it is perceived as an essential part of your website.

The advantages of using our booking engine are clear. Kross offers, in a single solution, an online booking software that eliminates brokerage costs and encourages direct reservations at your property, therefore maximizing profits.

Our booking engine easily integrates with your website. If you do not have one yet, our partners are always available to create one that is customized for you, according to your real needs and already fully integrated with Kross Booking.

Thanks to our innovative booking engine system and its simple and intuitive interface, you can:

  • Check the availability of your properties in real time
  • Offer a secure payment system through the PayPal gateway. You can request the full payment or only a down payment on the reservation.
  • Integrate a credit card request system to guarantee the payment.

The due amounts will be charged only at the time of check-in.

  • Offer your customers additional services that will save them time at the reception. Your Customers will actually be able to check in and check out online, completely on their own; they will be able to modify a reservation or make a cancellation without additional costs, if included in the offer.
  • Manage Holiday Packages.